• Integrated with multiple third-party network and AD-exchange, we are able to provide various and abundant offers, and we are the bridge between network, AD-exchange and publishers.

  • We have copious direct advertisers who offer fixed price, by which the qualified publishers can obtain higher and more stable profit.

  • We review all advertisements, filtering ineligible ads to ensure the legalization and safety of the ad content.

  • We serve creative ads, it can help you to boost your revenue without any addition of new advertising space.

  • Our automatic optimization applies machine learning algorithms to mine historical data, and we promise to help you achieve max profit with best launching combination.

Combination rules Launching optimization technology

  • One media can set up different launching rules, the rules and quantities are unlimited.
  • The launching of different rules is based on the priority.
  • The launching of different rules with same priority is based on the matching of traffic features.
  • The launching of different ads with same rules is based on the proportion.
  • The launching frequency and the launching volume of every ad can be controlled.

Automatic optimization launching strategy

  • Applying machine learning algorithms to pre-estimate
  • Correcting CTR pre-estimation by using CPC as modulus
  • Enlarging the diversity by using logarithm strategy to provide larger launching opportunity to high profitable ads.