• Strong anti-spamming system can avoid the waste of ads budget

  • Supported by Cloud platform and big data technology, recognizing users rapidly through data mining technology in order to launching ads precisely, supporting multiple forms of accurate ads targeting

  • Traffic all over the world, in massive amount, you do not need to worry anymore whether you can have adequate traffic for your global marketing and purchasing

  • We support CPM、CPC、CPA、CPS, etc multiple payment available


  • Shielding invisible ads and partial visible ads
  • Filtering fictitious click by using ClickMap model
  • Shielding illegal launching and traffic hijacking

ADZone_Rank algorithm

  • Good media also has bad advertising space, we weighting calculate the rank according to the factors that influence the performance of ads, such as placement of the ads space, the ads amount of current page, the size of the ads, the matching degree between the content of web pages and the ads theme etc.

IFrame chain break-through analysis technology

  • In terms of the websites that embed IFrame technology, we collect and analyze the whole IFrame chain at its ad space, and trace origins. This can avoid the cheating situations such as bad medias who embed high quality media for the traffic washing, and the exaggeration of the impressions.